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The Whites deliver checkmate in 2 moves. Your move!

Alexei Shirov vs Dmitry Andreikin, Sochi, 2008

The chess match between Alexei Shirov and Dmitry Andreikin in Sochi, 2008, is a significant event in the history of chess. It showcased the strategic brilliance and tactical prowess of two highly skilled players. The match drew attention from chess enthusiasts around the world, eager to witness the clash between these formidable opponents.

The game took place in Sochi, a city situated on the eastern coast of the Black Sea in Russia. Sochi is known for its picturesque landscapes and is a popular tourist destination. This historical chess battle added another layer of significance to Sochi's rich cultural heritage.

The match occurred on an unspecified date in 2008. Although the specific date is not mentioned, the impact of this game has resonated throughout the chess community for years. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of this fierce encounter.

The match concluded with an impressive checkmate in just two moves. Alexei Shirov, the victor, demonstrated his superior skills by executing a brilliant sequence of moves. The final position on the chessboard is described in the Portable Game Notation (PGN) as '1. Qc6+ Kd8 2. Rd6#'. This notation indicates that Shirov's queen delivered a check on c6, forcing Andreikin's king to move to d8. Shirov then used his rook on d6 to deliver the final blow, resulting in checkmate.

Significance of the Game

This game holds a special place in chess history due to the remarkable skills displayed by both players. Alexei Shirov and Dmitry Andreikin showcased their deep understanding of the game's complexities, captivating audiences with their strategic maneuvers.

The match also highlighted the importance of foresight and calculated decision-making in chess. Each move made by these grandmasters was a step towards victory, showcasing the power of careful planning and intuition in the game.


The Alexei Shirov vs Dmitry Andreikin match in Sochi, 2008, will forever be remembered as a significant event in the history of chess. It showcased the brilliance of these players and the beauty of the game itself. Sochi provided the perfect backdrop for this intense battle, while the final checkmate in two moves left chess enthusiasts in awe. This match will continue to inspire and captivate players and fans alike for generations to come.

It's the White's turn to play and achieve checkmate in 2 moves.

-> Discover the solution by clicking on the buttons below the chessboard or on the move details.

Solution to the Puzzle

1. It's White's turn to play

2. The whites play Qc6+

3. The Blacks respond wit Kd8

4. The Whites deliver Check and Mate with Rd6#

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